Woodroffe Avenue Multi-Use Pathway Extension

 The detailed design phase for the Woodroffe Avenue Multi-Use Pathway is currently ongoing, and nearing completion. The proposed modifications are being undertaken to implement a project identified within the Council-approved Ottawa Cycling Plan. The purpose of the proposed modifications is to extend the long-distance multi-use pathway to provide a dedicated facility for residents walking and cycling along the eastern side of Woodroffe Avenue.

Proposed road modifications:

  • Along Woodroffe Avenue a new multi-use pathway between Longfields Drive and Stoneway Drive is planned on the east side of the existing roadway. The multi-use pathway is approximately 400m long.
  • A crossride is planned to be added to the east leg of the Woodroffe Avenue and Longfields Drive signalized intersection. The layout of the crossride will be determined by the City’s Traffic Signal Design and Coordination Unit through the detailed design phase.

Modification Outcomes- Benefits and Impacts

  • The multi-use pathway along Woodroffe Avenue will provide a continuous pedestrian facility along the eastern side, an improvement over the short segment of existing sidewalk and paved shoulder.
  • The multi-use pathway will provide the option of using an off-road cycling facility that will appeal to a wider range of the population. Including a cross-ride on the east leg of the Woodroffe Avenue / Longfields Drive intersection will provide those cyclists using the multi-use pathway with a safe and legal way to ride through the intersection.

The detailed design for this project is currently ongoing. Construction is schedule for 2018. Please see below for a conceptual design of the modifications.