Please note that Jockvale Road from Longfields to Prince of Wales was changed to Longfields Drive exclusively as it was disconnected from the portion of Jockvale from Cedarview to Strandherd. This change was put into effect on April 10th, 2017.

In 2001, 11 former cities and townships were amalgamated into the new City of Ottawa. Combining these municipalities resulted in many duplicate and similar sounding street names as many of our communities share local history and geography. Also, over time development has resulted in the creation of physical barriers dividing streets into two or more disjointed segments.

In consultation with emergency services, it has been determined that streets that are physically disconnected (i.e. by a new development, park, building, highway, ravine, etc.) are problematic.

Once it is determined that a street name is problematic, a decision will be made as to which segment must be replaced with a new name to eliminate the confusion based on the number of addresses affected. It is important to minimize impact and therefore the street with the least addresses is chosen.

The Council approved process for renaming street for public safety involved the following steps:

  • Property owners who were affected were notified by mail directly.  In this notice we notified residents that their street name will be replaced with Longfields Drive as it was the most logical decision from a way-finding perspective.
  • Following this initial letter, affected property owners were notified of the implementation date for the change and provided with information on how to proceed with changing their address.

Please be assured that the decision to change a street name does not come lightly. As a partner of the Public Emergency Reporting Services (PERS) 911 program, the City of Ottawa is required to ensure clear and accurate address information for the ease of property identification, way-finding and to assist emergency services in the efficient location of individuals in an emergency.