Earlier this week, Ottawa City Council approved in principle a new central library joint facility with Library and Archives Canada.

The new Ottawa Central Library is to be built at 557 Wellington Street, just west of Albert Street and Bronson Avenue. The location was selected after an extensive process of project study, analysis and public consultation, as well as following the evaluation of 12 possible sites. The building, at 216,000 square feet and estimated $168 million total cost, is to be built and operated in collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, which will share space and costs with the City.


Furthermore, City Council also approved the functional design of the proposed Baseline Road Bus Rapid Transit Corridor, an important piece of the City’s Transportation Master Plan which will provide transit customers with a reliable and quick east-west commute that avoids downtown. The corridor extends nearly 14 kilometres between Bayshore Station and Heron Station along Holly Acres Road, Richmond Road, Baseline Road and Heron Road. Council approved a motion that will make one change to the project, adding the possibility of an additional transit station along Baseline at St. Helen’s Place, to make the service more accessible for residents living in the area.