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January 27th, 2016

Councillor Qaqish Appointed Special Liaison for Refugee Resettlement

Mayor Jim Watson announced today during the State of the City address that Councillor Michael Qaqish will be taking on the additional role of Special Liaison for Refugee Resettlement for the remainder of this Term of Council. “It is a great honour and privilege to take on this new role, said Councillor Qaqish. “There is much to be done and I look forward to working with community organizations and citizens of Ottawa on welcoming and resettling refugees into our great city.”

This new role will have four key responsibilities:

  1. Work with the government, local community, sponsorship and integration organizations to support refugee settlement in the City of Ottawa;
  2. Assist in monitoring the integration of refugees with the support of community organizations to ensure they continue to be supported post-settlement;
  3. Organize a city welcome event for the newly arrived refugees; and
  4. Continue the dialogue with local settlement organizations to be aware of how their needs may change over the course of 2016 and what support can be provided to them.

Councillor Qaqish is scheduled to have his first briefing as Special Liaison from City staff on Thursday, January 27th, 2016. He will also continue to attend all meetings of the Mayor’s Refugee Working Group.




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