Please be advised that Taggart Construction Limited will be fencing off the existing mini soccer field at Diamond Jubilee Park as work in the area commences. Crews will be constructing the Leitrim Pond 2 and fill the north part of Diamond Jubilee Park in advance of the Phase 2 park construction.  The mini soccer field will be blocked off until 2020 due to the pending construction this year. The mini soccer field is proposed to be replaced with an ultimate frisbee field as part of the Phase 2 park development project.  The City will begin construction on the Phase 2 Park once the contractor has installed storm sewers through the Phase 2 Park, and filled and rough graded the park.  This work is expected to continue into the fall. The City will begin construction on the Phase 2 park development next year. With some of these projects underway, the pathway along the south side of the field will be closed while the contractor is working in the area. We will be providing signage to direct pedestrians as needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on this project.