The City is proposing to develop Phase 2 of Diamond Jubilee Park in Findlay Creek starting next year. Phase 2 of Diamond Jubilee Park is designated as an active recreational sports field park intended to accommodate a wide range of active and passive activities for all ages.

The following is a summary of the park amenities that are proposed to be included as part of the Phase 2 park development in 2018:

• Ultimate field
• Full-size soccer field
• Double tennis court with lighting
• Parking lot with minimum 25 spaces including lighting, curbs, catch basins and storm sewer
• Teen play structure
• Stonedust and asphalt pathway systems
• Deciduous trees, coniferous trees, naturalized planting and seeding/sodding
• Site furniture including a gazebo, park benches, picnic tables or games tables, a bike rack and a park identification sign
• BMX Track to be installed later in the future

Staff are currently in the process of retaining a landscape architect for the design and construction phases for the Phase 2 park project. They will be preparing a concept plan for the proposed park development this fall, which will be used in the public consultation process. We will be sure to keep residents informed with any possible changes going forward, as well as the date for the public consultation.

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