The City is proposing to develop Phase 2 of Diamond Jubilee Park in Findlay Creek starting next year. Phase 2 of Diamond Jubilee Park is designated as an active recreational sports field park intended to accommodate a wide range of active and passive activities for all ages.

Phase 2 of Diamond Jubilee Park has an area of 4.19 ha and is located to the north of the Phase 1 park and White Alder Avenue, and west of Kelly Farm Drive.  The Phase 2 development area is currently undeveloped with the exception of a mini soccer field.

The following is a summary of the park amenities that are proposed to be included as part of the Phase 2 park development in 2018:

  • A 0.44 ha fenced-in dog run
  • Double lit tennis courts
  • A 33-space parking lot with access from Kelly Farm Drive
  • A full-size soccer field adjacent to Kelly Farm Drive
  • An ultimate field located to the south of Leitrim Pond 2
  • Pathways, site furnishings and landscaping

A BMX track is shown as a potential alternative to the dog run.  Funding is not currently available for the design and construction of a BMX track.


Project Status

The project is currently in the concept design stage.  A public meeting will be held on Monday, February 26, 2018, from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Fred Barrett Arena and the Parks and Facilities Planning Branch is requesting comments on the draft Concept Layout in advance of the public meeting.

DJ Phase 2