As you may be aware, Doran Construction Ltd. have embarked on the construction of a new retirement home located within the southwest parcel of Marketplace and Longfields. This construction has already commenced, and the bus stop is  inaccessible due to the progress of the construction.  In light of this, OC Transpo has implement a change effective June 26 to ensure continued safe and accessible access to/from transit service.

Bus stop #1236 (southside of Marketplace, nearside Longfields) will be relocated to the west side of Longfields at the nearside of Lindenshade (as shown by the blue bus logo in the image below).  At its previous location, bus stop #1236 allowed boarding and alighting for Routes 80, 99, 175 and 176. With the relocation, Route 80 would no longer be able to service this bus stop, given that it makes the left turn onto Longfields and continues northbound. Ridership to/from this bus stop on Route 80 is very low, however, those customers that do use the stop are able to easily access nearby bus stops #6946 (southside of Marketplace, nearside Staples) and #3321 (southside of Strandherd, farside of Longfields). These stops are also detailed in the below map.

Bus barrhaven

Due to the length of this project, approximately 2 years, OC Transpo have requested that a smooth hard surface be installed between the existing sidewalk and curb line on Longfields for the relocated bus stop 1236 (approximate location is detailed below). The contractor has agreed to this work, and will be installing patio interlock within the grass boulevard to meet AODA standards.