Several residents have reached out to my office and the Findlay Creek Community Association (FCCA) about the recent school bus accident, which occurred Monday morning on White Alder Avenue in Findlay Creek.

We are glad that no one has been hurt as a result of this unfortunate accident. There is an investigation underway and due process will take its course.

Speeding in residential and school zones is the number one complaint my office receives. In response to these complaints, the city spends thousands of dollars every year for traffic calming measures in problematic streets that have been identified by residents.

My office and the FCCA met with the City’s Traffic Department a few years ago to review streets in the community that were in need of traffic calming. These streets were then reviewed by our Traffic Calming Group to determine the best approach to manage traffic concerns. Through this process, we determined that White Alder Avenue would have both flex stakes and pavements markings installed on different parts of the street – these measures have been implemented for the last couple of years now and they are installed in spring and removed in the fall. The purpose of the flex stakes is to create a perceived road narrowing and to make it uncomfortable to drive too fast.

Once the investigation is completed, we will be able assess if there is anything more that can or needs to be done based on the information we receive from police and our traffic experts.